turbo-charge your body

We went to the world Championships with the EDGE and won the GOLD.


proprietary molecular activation technology (MAT)

We believe your cells have the intelligence to know how to perform, they just need the tools to do it.

Our proprietary Molecular Activation Technology (MAT) is designed to deliver the building blocks your cells need to function optimally. This benefits every organ and function found within your body!

Cells with intelligence have power. Powerful cells optimize your body. An optimal body gives you the EDGE.

multi-use smart supplement

We could list ALL of the benefits of EDGE - but that would take at least 3 pages! We are more interested in what it can do for you. The overall IMPAQT will target the areas of your body where you need the most optimization.

Give it a try. Then tell us YOUR story. We are excited to hear it.

*None of this information is in any way an attempt to prognosticate, diagnose or prescribe the use of our products as a cure or treatment for any disease illness or condition. These statements have not been approved by the FDA.